7 Best Hidden GPS tracker for car Reviews and Buyers Guide 2019

When your kids went for a driving session, you are always worried about their safety. It is important to keep a track on the activities of your kids especially when driving which is only possible with a good GPS tracker. These are the ultra-modern devices which help you to keep a check on the location and the speed levels of the car. Widely used for theft protection and features like a panic button that allows seeking immediate help in an effortless way, GPS trackers are used for different goals. A good tracker shoots a message in case of over-speeding and other unsafe situations. From power failure alters to Geofencing and many more, a good tracker has all these in-built mechanisms. So, if you too looking for best hidden GPS tracker for a car, your search end here.

7 Best Gps Tracker For Car Reviews 2019


Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable GPS Tracker

This is one of the best tracking systems which roughly of a size of a matchbox. With accuracy up to fifteen feet, this device is an efficient GPS tracker.  The compact size of this tracker allows you to attach it belt or belt or easily inserted in the backpack. It can update the location as quickly as 5 seconds. Connected with the GPS satellite, it transmits the data via T-Mobile’s cellular network to your computer, smartphone or tablet. Weighs at 2 ounces, it looks like a garage door opener. With geofence facility, it sends an alert when the tracker leaves. With a speed limit feature, it is an appropriate device for teenage drivers.best hidden gps tracker for car

  • Very compact in size
  • Equipped with SOS button to notify the location when pressed
  • No additional fee
  • Good customer service
  • Secure login and password protection

  • Battery life is not great.


GPS Tracker – Optimus 2.0 Bundle 

An efficient GPS tracker which brings you satisfactory spy experience. This mini-size tracker is highly portable with an internal motion sensor that keeps the battery regulated at the time of requirement. It works perfectly even at the low battery or during speeding movements. It can be upgradable to 10 seconds. Apps like I phone and Android are preinstalled in it. Featuring a Special Routing feature, it quickly tracks to benefit the investigator. It has a capacity to save unlimited GPS Tracking historical data and comes with a SIM card and a data plan.hidden gps tracker reviews

  • Easy to set up and handle.
  • Available in a waterproof case.
  • Efficiently works for long hours with extended battery life.
  • Safe & secure tracker with twin magnet case.
  • Appropriate signal available for low battery indication.
  • Various actions like departing, speeding or entering a specific area, it alerts the user.

  • Track the data at less speed.
  • Does not work with Google Maps.


MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker 

A brilliant tracking device which gives pinpoint accurate information on the routes and the ways, your kids are driving the vehicles.  From location to speed, traffic or direction, it keeps a track of each information to let you keep an eye on the movement of your kids. Now your teen can complete the driving course safely with this efficient tracker. You can avail the 3G tracking coverage by using the 3G services which keep an update of minute by minute. Counted as one of the best GPS trackers, you can install this tracker easily to let you keep an eye on the vehicle’s movement from anywhere.gps tracker

  • Easy installation and usage.
  • Helps in monitoring the driving skills of your kids perfectly.
  • Even at odd hours, it can send the alerts.
  • Curfew hours can be set.
  • If the car is used in curfew hours, due alerts are sent.

  • Slow updates rates.
  • Frequently captures wrong data.


GPS Tracker, ABLEGRID 12000mAh GT021 

A tracker with multifunctional intelligence and real-time global tracking to deliver an impeccable experience to its user. Several features like voice monitoring, vibration alerts from the moving routes, tracking the driving skills of your kids etc make this tracker a 21st century GPS tracker. A robust magnet is used to get let it hook easily. Modes like high speed, low power and other do not hamper its alert sending capacity. With a battery capacity of 12000mAh, it efficiently delivers vibration alerts with its high conversion rate. IT is one of the efficient hidden tracking devices for cars to keep an eye on the driving skills of your kids.

  • Multifunctional intelligence
  • Voice monitoring enabled
  • People and objects are located with precision
  • No installation required
  • Low power indicator available
  • Powered with 12000 mAh battery

  • There is no SIM insert option
  • Issues with Sep process


AMERICALOC GL300W Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

Largely dependent on the GSM and GPRS networks, it efficiently monitors the surveillance to strengthen the security. You can also set the emergency alarms. With its advanced GPS tracker, it instantly tracks the remote targets without a glitch with a message alert. With its automatic tracking position, it is efficient in data logging and sends the alerts accordingly. With its 500 mAh battery and extended standby time up to 4 hours, it keeps on sending the alerts in power off an alarm, SOS alarm, GEO Fence Alarm, low battery alarm or the GEO fence alarm. It is one of the best-hidden GPS trackers for its consistent reliability.

  • Easy to fit with its compact size
  • Alert immediately about the unpleasant actions.
  • Record capacity of tracking up to 1 year
  • Can be used for the multiple object tracking
  • Available with an internal SIM card

  • Slow charging power
  • It takes time to update.


Anysun Vehicle Car GPS Tracker Tk103b with Remote Control

Another GPS tracker which is dependent on GPRS & GSM networks and supported by the PC based software. You can easily calculate the longitude and the latitude in real time along with speed and time. An effective way to monitor the driving skills of your kids, this hidden GPS tracker is worth to invest. This advanced tracker can identify up to eight languages and tracks the phone data with higher accuracy. Once the car is stopped, it can smartly set the barriers and notifies with an alarm, when the car restarts. If the car crosses a set normal limit, it alarm in this GPS tracker starts ringing to give an indication. With no installation hassles, this tracker is one of the easiest and convenient bet to go with.

  • In case of suspicious activities, theft alarm gets activated.
  • It is very easy to set and work with.
  • Tracks the phone data efficiently.
  • Can identify up to 8 different languages.

  • No 4G services are supported by this GPS tracker.
  • Works on obsolete 2G services which are very slow


Dash Devices (Dash 110V)

A reliable companion especially for the people who deal in vehicle maintenance. With a one-year history support track, it is a feature-rich GPS tracker. To alert regarding the start and stop of the vehicle movement, this tracker is enabled with the SOS button and Geo-fence mechanism. In the case of inactivity or power failure, this tracker efficiently communicates the user. You can also attain the live updates of the traffic conditions in which the vehicle is moving to enable you to pick up the right driving routes. Reports like average speed, operation hours and other can be generated.

  • Easy setup process which barely takes time to initiate.
  • Users can report conveniently any issues faced by them directly over the app.
  • For alerts, SMS and email services are used.
  • Speedy alerts for voltage fluctuation, power failure or geofencing
  • User-friendly reports generation.

  • Data tracking is not accurate during the vehicle driving.
  • An accurate wiring harness is lacked.


Factors to be considered for buying Best Hidden GPS Tracker:

The moments of an expensive car can be easily kept under surveillance with an efficient hidden GPS tracker. Thanks to the technology, which enable to keep a track on the driving skills of our loved ones to extend their security. It not only ensures the security of the driver but also of your vehicle. Say, if a thief is trying to flee with your vehicle, he will get tracked immediately. Hence the role of an efficient hidden GPS tracker is imperative. It is largely used for spying purposes as the one who drives the vehicle never gets to know about it. But you need to install it at an appropriate place so that it can be saved from the driver’s eye.

Here are some of the factors which are important to consider before buying an appropriate GPS tracker:

  • Right Design

To get a tracker appropriately fir to your car, you need to understand the size requirements first. Different car models have different requirements and a GPS tracker which can be fitted to your car size perfectly is sure would be the ideal one. A tracker should be conveniently hidden underneath your car.

  • Cost efficient

There are several GS tracker available in the market which involves activation fees. It inflates the cost of tracking system and burn holes to your pocket. Try to pick a GPS tracker which does not involve any activation fee cost.

  • Right Size

Always choose a GPS tracker which is very compact in size. As you may use it in vehicle, school bag, belt etc, the smaller the tracker, better it is.

  • Waterproof

A waterproof tracker is more appropriate deal to go with. As you are not sure about the driving conditions, always a waterproof GPS tracker should be considered. Especially in the rainy days, the tracker is expected to close contact with water.

  • Updating rate

The crux of the GPS lies in the consistent real-time monitoring of your vehicle. The devices offer many interval options starting from zero. The lower the interval, the better it is. It is largely governed by the number of satellite requests that the program has to do.

  • Efficient Alert system

The main idea of using a tracker is to alert you periodically about the various activities.  If any tracker is not able to fulfill this basic requirement efficiently, it is not good to invest in such tracker. It should always send a message through SMS or Gmail whenever required.

  • Specific software

In order to supervise or viewing data, many manufacturers provide special software including some simple apps. This information can also be accessed via the website. Most of the GPS service also charges a monthly fee. If you are not using a tracker specifically for the spying purposes, and the sole aim is the surveillance, incurring an additional cost is not required.

  • Reviews of previous users

It is also important to seek some experiences of the existing users to understand the strength and the flaws of a specific GPS tracker. Only a user can successfully interpret the actual problem faced with a particular GPS tracker.


Buying a best-hidden GPS tracker for car become easy, if you have a fair knowledge about your preferences and budgets. Extensive research needs to be carried before finalizing an appropriate GPS tracker. It is highly recommended to choose a device which can help you in assisting multiple tracking activities. A water-resistant tracker is more durable as it is required to be installed underneath and prone to get wet many times. An idea GPS tracker shall be a fair mix of competitive pricing and exhaustive features. A tracker which can provide quick updates should be highly considered.

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