Best Bed Frames For Sexually Active Couple Reviews 2019

To deal with the stressful lifestyles, sex always played an imperative role. The researches revealed that it not only boosts your mood but also rejuvenates you to gear up for other hectic innings. The sexually active couples not only stay happier, but the bond of love between the two also grows inevitably. Although, lovemaking is not confined to the bedrooms, however, this is the only corner of the house which augments your love-making sessions with pleasure and comfort. Bed frames are the most considerable aspect which needs to be selected diligently, to ensure wonderful love-making sessions. Do you know, there are specific bed frames available in the market to provide an ultimate leisure to your private moments? Here are the 5 Best frames for sex available that will let you swoon with a passion for your partner all over again:

5 Best Bed Frame For Sexually Active Couple


Zinus Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed with Wooden Slats, Queen

This is one of the reliable bed frames for sex which comes with a classic styling and sturdy looks. It contains a wood slat which supports any kind of mattress you choose without a glitch. It comes in appealing espresso color to add an exotic look to your bedroom. The low profile footboard style frame ensures extended support to the feet. Even for the heavy couples, this bed frame works appropriately without any issues of slat breakage. It comes with an easy guide which provides step-by-step assembly instructions. You are not required any professional help to fix the bed. The excellent support and strength it offers truly justify its prices. The deluxe faux leather material used in this bed frame adds to its charismatic look.sturdy bed frame for sex

Product Features & Specifications:

  • The wooden slats used in the bed are strong enough to bear relatively heavy weights and supports all type of mattresses.
  • The easy packaging of the box contains a compact cartoon box which has all the parts including frame, wooden slats and legs.
  • The high quality padded leather is used to add to its erotic design and aesthetic comfort.
  • A noise-free love making session is ensured by the sexually active couples with its foam padded steel frames.

  • Strong mattress support to ensure uninterrupted love-making moments
  • Noise-free usage with its foam-padded tape.
  • Available in different sizes ranging from twin to King
  • Comes with a warranty of 5 years.

  • The space between the slats is more than what it should be.
  • May require some additional support braces.

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Manhattan Queen Bed Frame

With a promise to deliver true value to your money, this contemporary bed frame is one of the best buy deals under the bed frames for sexually active couples. A queen bed is often considered when the room size is not appropriate to accommodate a larger bed and Queen Manhattan has taken a lead in this category with its contemporary design and state-of-art technology. Available in neat packaging, this bed frame is quite easy to assemble with a detailing guide-manual. However, due consideration needs to be given for its proper assembly. Most appropriate for couples who avoid box springs for a better mattress life.

Product Features & Specifications:

  • It weighs around 67.8 pounds.
  • It comes with a dimension of 65X26.8X4.2 inches which appropriately fits a Queen mattress.
  • Faux Leather and wood are used as materials to craft this aesthetic sex bed frame.
  • Strong wooden slats provide extra support for over-weight couples.
  • Derive a contemporary look to your room with the rich ebony leather headboard upholstering.
  • Simple yet elegant designing.

  • It ensures an additional support and comfort with its padded headboard
  • Compatible to any kind of the room décor, it can easily match the theme of your bedroom.
  • With its simplified manual, it is quite easy to assemble.
  • A solid bed frame with longer durability.

  • It ensures an additional support and comfort with its padded headboard
  • Compatible to any kind of the room décor, it can easily match the theme of your bedroom.
  • With its simplified manual, it is quite easy to assemble.
  • A solid bed frame with longer durability.

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Zinus Modern Studio 10 Inch Platform 2000H Metal Bed Frame

This is a complete bedroom solution to give an edge to your love-life. If you want to indulge in a sizzling love-life with your partner without being bothered much about the clumsy bed frames, it is a perfect solution for that.  With its proven stability test, this is the Best bed frame for sexually active couple.

The durability of this bed frame can be counted from its 10 metal slabs placed strategically to prevent mattresses from wilting. Easy to assemble, little caution needs to be undertaken to prevent any future collapse due to impact assembling of the bed frame.

Product Features & Specifications

  • Prevent any kind of mattress sagging with its 10 metal slabs providing an extended support.
  • No box springs required with its sturdy design and great looks.
  • You can experience a noise-free love session with its foam-padded taping.
  • It comes with a designer headboard to add a contemporary look to your room.
  • Comes with 5-years of warranty.

  • The material used in it makes it durable.
  • It can be used with any kind of mattresses ranging from spring to the foam ones.
  • The easy manual ensures the proper assembly of the bed frame.
  • The trendy design gives an edge to your room style-wise.
  • The quality of the bed frame gives true value for your money.
  • Can be assembled quickly without any professional assistance.

  • It can be whined if not assembled in a proper way.
  • No storage possible under this bed, so if space is an issue for you, it can’t be of much help.

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Olee Sleep 14 Inch T-3000 Heavy Duty Steel Bed Frame

One of the best bed frames for sex which ensures wild yet quiet sex sessions with its simple yet efficient make. The convenient design of this bed frame easily gets along with your bedroom interior. It gives you the flexibility to choose a headboard as per your choice, in accordance with your room ambiance.

With an ability to hold a pressure and weight up to 2200 pounds, it is a foldable bed frame which facilitates easy transportation. Perfect to resolve your spacing issue, it facilitate extra storage beneath.

Product Features & Specifications:

  • No spring box required with its 10 wooden slats.
  • Heavy-duty usage is ensured with this light weighted sturdy sex bed frame.
  • Can be transported easily with its foldable feature.
  • It has outer dimensions of 81.5 x 61.5 x 15 inches with under bed frame of a height : 13 inches.
  • Under bed storage with 13.5 inches clearance

  • Comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Provide ample storage space to deal with your storage issues
  • 10 metal slabs ensure great durability with no mattress sagging.
  • The contemporary design of this sex bed frame makes it a heart-winning deal.
  • A headboard compatible bed frame which is quite easy to assemble.

  • It is not compatible with the foam mattress.
  • You need to buy headboard separately.

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SimpleHouseware 14-Inch Queen Size Platform Bed Frame

The convenient design of this bed frame makes it popular among the Sturdy BED FRAME FOR SEX. This efficient bed frame ensures minimal noise during your sexual endeavors. It offers a quick and effective solution for your spacing needs with a storage facility underneath. Easy to assemble, you can quickly fix this bed frames to indulge into your erotic love making tasks. Compatible with all types of mattresses like latex, foam or spring, it weights around 500 pounds to accommodate couples with average weights.

Product Features & Specifications

  • It eliminates the need of spring box with its uniquely constructed frame.
  • It works well with all kind of mattresses efficiently
  • Can be assembled up quickly with no additional tool requirements
  • It has 13” storage space under its frame.

  • The smart packing of this bed frame makes it a lucrative deal.
  • The quality materials used in it make it very durable to use in long run.
  • Help in accentuating the contemporary look of your room.
  • Efficiently resolves your spacing issue with its ample underneath storage.

  • Not appropriate for the over-weight couples.
  • You may experience some missing screws or might be the missing instruction manual.

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Buying Guide for best sex bed frames:

Factors to be considered before buying the best bed frame of sex: With the ample of bed frames available in the desired segment, choosing the right one is never an easy deal. Excellent bed frames for sex are specifically crafted to overcome the drawbacks of ordinary bed frames which sexually active couple often experience during their sex ride. With each brand boasting their features, the ultimate decision of buying a correct bed frame for sex largely depends on the following factors:

  • Size Matters!

It is recommended to choose the appropriate size of the bed frame to have intriguing love-making sessions. As it is a matter of accommodating a couple in love, no compromise in space will work. If you want to go experimental with your partner, you shall be requiring adequate space to embrace each other. The choice of size depends on personal preferences as well.  At times, the couple prefers smaller beds to enjoy an ultimate intimacy even after sex by sleeping close to each other. On the other hand, the couple may prefer to have an uninterrupted sleep after a satiating love-making session which calls for a king size bed frames.  Hence, the size of the bed frames entirely depends on the preferences of the couples.

  • Matching Design

As bed frame is an important aspect of any bedroom which grabs the instant attention of the onlookers, the sturdy design plays a vital role. Always buy a bed frame in conjunction with décor of your room as well as its size.  King sized bed frames are meant for the master-bedrooms. So, if you have relatively smaller rooms, you should settle down to a queen size bed to maintain the aesthetic looks of your room.

  • Long term durability

Investing in a worthy bed frame should not be a hasty decision. Once bought, it is expected to be durable enough to be used for considerable years. Hence the quality of the bed frame is quiet important. As sexual plays require lots of moments, the slats of the beds should be stable enough to handle these moments.

  • Mattress Adaptability

Any beds frame which can fix up mattress appropriately are the most appropriate to be used in your sexual endeavors. Any gap between the mattress and the bed frame can be the cause of utmost discomfort. Also, the mattress will keep on sinking and will hinder your pleasure considerably. Hence, choose Best bed frame for sexually active couple wisely in parity with the existing mattresses, if you have no future plans of replacing your mattresses too.

  • No Noise, please!

The most irritating factor while performing the most erotic task of the day could be the persistent noise from your bed frames. It could be more annoying if you have people in the nearby rooms. Hence, choose a bed frame efficiently which have stable feet and slats that does not lead to any kind of noise, upon your kinky love moves over the bed. Let your sassy love session ‘on’ without any interrupting noises from those ‘creaky’ beds. The Sturdy bed frame for sexually active couple is progressively designed keeping the noise levels from minimal to zero indeed.


Never make a compromising decision while choosing a sex bed frame. Not just sex, you are expected to perform a number of activities on these beds and expect to last longer. Investing in a quality bed is always a cost-efficient idea. Hence, before choosing the best bed frame for your room, it is important to have an insight on the features and specifications of such bed frame to determine if its fits to your requirements or not. Only after considering all the significant factors ranging from your day-to-day activities to the compatibility of a bed frame in your bedroom, you can choose the best bed frame which can be used for many more years to come.

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