Best Bed Frame For Heavy Person Reviews 2019

A sound sleep is a key to an energetic body and healthy mind. Bed frames play a vital role in ensuring a relaxing sleep. The hectic life of today’s offer lots of stress every day, thus to gear up for an upcoming day needs a calming sleep. The clumsy and noisy bed frames can be a huge hindrance to achieve a relaxing sleep. Especially for the overweight people, the concerns regarding their bed frame’s comfortability and durability are quite higher. So, choosing an appropriate bed frame is vital to keep your well-being. Here are the 7 best bed frames for the heavy person which are compatible enough to accommodate their sleeping habits:

Best Bed Frames For Overweight Person Reviews


Zinus 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

This bed frame is packaged efficiently in a relatively smaller box and does not require any professional help for its assembly. 13-inch ender-space is provided to tackle your spacing issues. This strong steel bed frame provided good support for obese people. The SmartBase headboard brackets are required to connect it to the headboard. There is no multi-level support provided in this bed frame but the efficient design also eliminates any such requirements. Suitable for all kind of mattresses, it ensures a good comfort to its user.

Product Specifications & Features:

  • It comes with dimensions as 80 x 76 x 14 inches.
  • It offers 5 years manufacturer warranty.
  • This king size bed is appropriate for physical activities besides sleeping.
  • The heavy duty square tube steel frame is used to enhance the durability.

  • Perfect for tall and heavy persons.
  • With its built-in support, no box spring required.
  • Easy assembly with no extra tooling required.
  • A foldable bed which can be easily transported.
  • Reliable bed frame with minimal noise.

  • The absence of multi-level supports
  • A possibility of scalloped sagging between the slats

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Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty

You can add a modern look to your with this heavy duty bed frame by Hercules. With a dimension of 80 x 76 x 14 inches, the smooth black finish design of this bed frame is a highlight feature of this bed frame. Classic Brand is one of the renowned brands in the market, known for delivering a high-quality product with efficient after-sales servicing.

You can always buy a headboard and a footboard matching to your room décor as these are not inclusive with this bed frame. Your floor remains free from any marks or stains with its efficient leg caps. It is one of the best bed frames for fat persons.

Product Specifications & Features:

  • Efficiently replaces the traditional spring box
  • 13-inch storage space available beneath
  • Easy to assemble
  • The strong structure of the bed can easily handle the weight of obese persons.
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty

  • Rigid surface available with this foldable metal frame bed
  • Support each type of mattress
  • Outstanding after-sales customer support
  • Capped legs available to protect your floor from stains
  • Compact and sturdy packaging which easily fits the narrow do

  • Headboard and footboard need to be purchased separately

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Olee Sleep 14 Inch T-3000

This non-slip support bed frame can come with efficient steel stat support which can hold up to 1200 lbs. Perfectly fits small spaces, the excellent strength of this bed frame makes it best to use for over-weight people. With its chic look, it offers extra comfort to your body, especially with deluxe mattress.

It weighs around 44.3 lbs only, making it convenient to transport. It is a wobble-free bed frame with foldable steel brackets. As the slats are 7.5 inches apart, using a plywood under the mattress will add to your comfort.

Product Specifications & Features:

  • Sturdy design with a suitable mattress support
  • Ample storage beneath to resolve your spacing issues.
  • Seamlessly assembling makes it convenient to put to use.
  • Comes with 5 years manufacturer warranty.
  • It has outer dimensions as 76.5 x 55.5 x 15 inches with an under-frame height of 13 inches.

  • No additional tools or professional assistance required for assembly.
  • Metal construction to support durability and long lasting usage.
  • A perfect replacement to the traditional box spring bed frames.
  • Mattress enclosure available to prevent the sagging.

  • Not suitable for latex mattress without a spring box.

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MALOUF STRUCTURES Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

With fewer slates and wires, it is a sturdy and durable bed frame which let you skip the hassles of assembling. With just 7 legs, this metal bed frame can be adjusted according to your mattress without a glitch. From twin mattress, you can expand it to the king size by rolling the frame. Once adjusted, simply lock it and it is ready to use.

It weighs around 29 lbs and has dimensions of 23.7 x 23.7 x 2.8 inches. Compared to the other bed frames in this category, it contains fewer parts leading to easy assembly.

Product Specifications & Features:

  • With no additional tools, it can be assembled in less than 10 minutes.
  • It is an adjustable metal bed frame which perfectly fits Queen, Twin or full-size mattresses.
  • Center support glide to facilitate easy movement of the bed frame
  • Heavy duty frame with 1.5-inch center supports made to fit as best bed frame for the heavy person.
  • Compatible with the mattresses of varied sizes.

  • Extra durability is ensured with Tri-supported braces.
  • Easy maintenance with gunmetal black matte powder coating finish.
  • The customized look is available as the universal headboard bracket can accommodate any headboard design.
  • To add to its stability, two roller locks are available.

  • Only thicker mattress work well with its structural design.

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Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

The elegant design of this metal bed frame with ensures great stability even for the people with excessive weight. You can conveniently move this bed frame anywhere with its four wheels beneath the legs Considered as the best frames for an overweight person, it is manufactured by a reputed brand which is renowned for offering reliable products.

The locking wheels ensure the stability of the frames. It is a 7-leg adjustable frame with 3 legs at the center to give it a better support. Although you cannot fix a king-sized mattress, it goes perfectly with the queen sizes and twin mattress.

Product Specifications & Features:

  • It comes with a center support for extended durability.
  • Constructed on wheels, it can be moved easily.
  • The quality structure of this metal frame bed ensures great strength to handle the excessive weight.
  • Solid steel metal frame ensures excellent support to the headboard & mattress.
  • It comes with a dimension of 70 x 60 x 7.5 inches

  • A reliable product with a sturdy design.
  • Extended stability for the heavy individuals with its additional support rug rollers.
  • A contemporary design to accentuate your room décor.
  • Offer health benefits by ensuring a sound sleep.
  • Weigh as low as 25 lbs.

  • Flexible up to the queen size. It cannot accommodate king size mattresses.
  • Headboard configuration screws are not available.
  • Center support bar does not contribute as twin size bed.

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Best Price Mattress Twin Bed Frame – 14 Inch Metal Platform Beds

You can enhance your mattress life by preventing its sagging on this reliable steel slat bed frame. The level of support and the strength of this bed frame make it a perfect choice for the over-weight people. Along with additional legs, super thick heavy duty steel base proficiently accommodates any kind of mattress.

There is a considerable provision for a separate headboard attachment. It comes with an 11-inch clearance space to resolve your storing space issues. The plastics inserted in the bottom of the legs prevent any kind of floor damage.

Product Specifications & Features:

  • Constructed from 100% steel
  • Ensure superior support and stability for over-weight people.
  • Contemporary design to accentuate the sturdy look of your room.
  • The durable slats extend its durability.
  • It comes with product dimensions of 75 x 39 x 14 inches.

  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • One of the best bed frame in the affordable segment
  • A modern design perfect for minimalists.
  • Conveniently avoids the mattress sagging
  • Comes with extra storage space beneath

  • It is quite heavy and hence difficult to move from one place to another.

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Mantua PB46XL Premium Platform Base in Silver

With a capacity to handle the weight of 4000 lbs by full XL, this is one of the best bed frames for overweight people. A stylish and reliable bed frame from Mantua, it gives a modern look to your room with its aesthetic design. A perfect replacement to your spring-box, it provides a consistent mattress support and avoids any kind of sagging.

The manageable weight of this bed frame allows it to move it easily from one place to another. The sturdy silver steel finish makes it a perfect choice.

Product Specifications & Features:

  • It comes with a dimension of 80 x 54 x 14 inches
  • Provide a durable foundation for all kind of mattresses.
  • Only weighs at 38.5 lbs.
  • Available in King, Full, Queen, Twin, California King and Twin Xl sizes.

  • Good under-storage space with a considerable height of 13 inches.
  • Can be appropriately fitted to the existing wooden frame, if required
  • A perfect choice for obese people as it can handle up to 2000 lbs per base.
  • Can be set up conveniently by fastening the parts together.

  • Makes little noise if not assembled with due diligence.

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Key features to understand before buying an appropriate Bed frame: Your Buying Guide

  • Do not compromise on Quality:

Buying the best bed frames for heavy people requires a considerable amount of time to research as well as a cost to invest in. Compromising on its quality is not a great idea as you may require purchasing bed frames one after another due to their low quality. A little extra investment may yield a long-term result in the form of good health with sound sleep. Considerations should always be higher on the good quality beds which can last longer and provide the desired level of leisure. And a great quality only comes at a good price. Opting for cheaper options may result in frequent breakage and you may end up spending more than required in a longer run. Hence it is recommended to avoid the low-price-strategy by compromising on the quality of the bed frame.

  • Keep a check on the extra legs:

An additional leg to give an extended support at the middle is considered efficient Bed frame for the obese people. As there will be more than average weight, which any bed frame meant for over-weight people need to tackle, the problem like sagging can be prevented with the presence of extra legs in the bed towards its center. You can enjoy a good sleep by avoiding a problem of back pain, which is commonly observed with the normal bed frames when used by the obese couples, Even the possibilities of breakage are higher in the absence of extra legs, making it best bed frame for obese couples

  • Comfortability matters a lot!

The basic idea behind choosing the best bed frame for heavy couples is to ensure comfortability along with durability. Even if you choose a bed with all the prescribed features for the obese couple but still you are not happy with its comfort level, it shall be the waste of effort and investment. With the ample mattresses available in the market with distinctive size, shape and features, the role of an appropriate bed frame cannot be ignored. A proper weight distribution with mattress is only possible when the bed frame you choose is strong enough to handle it. Otherwise, you may encounter the sagging issues with your mattresses. Hence, always pick up a bed frame with a heavy foundation to avoid such troubles.

  • Mattresses Counts

Different types of mattresses need different frames to fit in. If you choose a universal mattress which can be adjusted to any kind of bed frame accordingly, then you are free to pick up a bed frame as per your preferences other than mattress considerations. But choosing a particular mattress calls for specific bed frames. Always choose a bed frame which is compatible with your mattress to amplify your comfort levels. Especially, if you are planning to continue with your existing mattress, the best bed frame for heavy people must be able to accommodate such a mattress. However, if you are planning to buy a new mattress, you can always buy it in accordance with the bed frame you choose.


How to choose Bed frames? – Other considerations

Below are some of the general considerations which also play a significant role in choosing a bed frame for preciously:

Special Bed frames for Special needs

When it comes to catering specific needs like overweight issues, a regular bed frame can never suffice the requirements. A special bed frame can only accommodate the need of obese couples which can handle the excessive weight and prevent any kind of mattress sagging with its special make. A right bed frame will not only ensure a good sleep but also help in escaping other troubles like joint pain, lower back pain etc.

Feet are also important

The lower part of your bed i.e. feet have to bear the entire weight of your bed frames including the mattress weight. Therefore, due consideration must be given in protecting the feet of the bed frame to prevent any kind of scratch on the floor.  When you keep a bed frame at a certain position for the longer period, it is bound to leave some marks on the floor which can be prevented by using the suitable leg-caps. Hence choose a bed frame which has legs that comes with a cap.

No matter, if you have hardwood flooring or a carpeted one, the feet caps should be the imperative part of your bed frame choice. Also, do not forget to change these caps periodically as these are prone to wear and tear in the longer run.

Appropriate Design

Considerations should also be laid on the design of your bed frame. A frame which can be suitably fit your room should be selected. Any frame not matching with the dimensions of your room may ruin the décor of your room.

Ample varieties of bed frames are available in the market with different design patterns. A right mix of comfortability and contemporary design will help you choosing the best bed frame for heavy person. Remember, a spectacular designing of your bed frame also bear a positive physiological significance on its user as well.

Storage Space

There are many bed frames which offer the ample storage space beneath. Hence, if storage space is a considerable issue for you, emphasis should be laid in choosing a bed frame which can offer a solution. You need to define your preferences first, before picking up an appropriate bed frame. If storage space is one of your priority in seeking a bed frame, always shortlist the bed frames for heavy people with the desired feature to choose an appropriate one for you.


Never underestimate the role of a bed frame to deliver a sound sleep, as it can adversely affect your health. As obesity is already associated with issues like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, the adverse effects can be amplified, if you are deprived of the sound sleep.

The key to choosing the best bed frames for heavy person largely depends on personal preferences. Hence, before finalizing any of the bed frame listed above, it is recommended to list down your preferences. A bed frame which can largely comply with all your specified criteria can only work best for you.

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