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What is Review judge

Reviews Judge is a collection of top products for both in-home and outdoor use. We do our best for people who want to save their time and energy while searching for an ideal product regardless of the budget they have. No matter what sort of thing you are looking for – a juicer or a mattress – we will make your shopping way easier by choosing and carefully reviewing the best items on the market.

What we do here

Our recommendations are a result of a thorough research. First, we decide on the products’ features that are worth considering most of all. Then, we pick the best-selling items on the market and compare their key features. We also pay much attention to the real buyers’ reviews, warnings, and advice. Finally, our team of professional researchers test the products to make sure their real characteristics correspond to the manufacturer’s promises.


Our researchers typically spend from 40 to 80 hours (and in some cases significantly more) to make a full rating as well as in-detail product descriptions, a buying guide, and a Frequently Asked Questions section.

how we do this

We start our research by diving into the best information sources currently available, including What Hi-Fi, Independent, Consumer Reports, CNET, and many others. After that, we carefully study hundreds or even thousands of real buyers’ reviews, which allows us to take long-term experiences into account. Next step is making a short-list of the best products and an in-detail study of each item.


We’ve developed an effective system to detect unnatural reviews and eliminate such kind of a feedback (for example, written with the help of the Amazon’s Vine Program). We believe that while choosing a product, you should pay attention to the real reviews of real buyers – people who’ve chosen this particular item, paid for it, and have an experience of its everyday use. Our system allows to detect up to 50% of unnatural reviews.

How We Make The Best Products

1. Market research

We study novelties of the market, the most popular companies and their products.

2. Identifying key features

We decide on the product features which are the most important for the customers.

3. Selecting products

We choose the best-selling products which customers loved.

4. Analyzing reviews

We thoroughly study byers’ reviews for each product.

5. Manual testing

We independently test the products we choose to check their real characteristics.

6. Ranking

We give scores to the chosen products according to their quality, functionality, and price.

7. Writing reviews

We write in-detail descriptions of the items’ features.

8. Buying guide

We sum all our findings up to help you choose the product that best suits your needs.

Which products we choose

We do realize that many products are overloaded with features unnecessary for the average customer. They may be useful while promoting a product but are rarely handy in practice. The most expensive model with the widest range of characteristics is not necessarily the best one on the market. In our buying guides, we recommend the same goods we would buy for our family and friends, the ones we would pick for ourselves.


It goes without saying that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ product. That is why our experts outline several different typical situations the customers might find themselves in, and determine the best product for each of them. We call them ‘nominations’. In each review, you will be able to choose the one that suits you best.

Our ethics

We take pride in following rigorous standards and ethics. Our recommendations are entirely based on our editorial team’s findings and opinions. We are members of the Amazon Associates Program and earn money to develop our project and review products. 


Our income doesn’t depend on specific goods you buy, that is why we are free to choose out of the full product range available on the market, and nothing affects our decision.


Haven’t found the right product?

E-mail us if you need help with a particular buying issue. Our team of professionals who are always ready to come to the rescue will do our best to help.

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